Marijuana Leaf Tagua Finger Ring Jewelry 21060342mm

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 Folks, you might remember that the vendors who made the big bucks back in the Gold Rush days were the ones that sold pans, picks, shovels and Blue Jeans.  Since America is rushing head long into the World of Pot I figure it's time to get into the ancillary products. 

Jewelry always catches on and does no harm.  Plus what I like is it is Unisex.  Potheads of every gender will want to show off their affection for the WEED.  Oh, if only all the states would go California Loonie I could make a bundle. 

Size wise this ring is somewhere near a 10.  I have a bag full so buy it and send me your size. I will try to get close. You might have to gain or lose weigh but you'll be cool...

But then...  there's that CO2.  Oh well, we can always plant more WEED and try to stay ahead with photosynthesis. Hum... maybe back to shovels and fertilizer. 

 The Tagua ring is right at 1" tall. Maybe a scosh bigger.  Shows nicely. 

Shipping is included within the USA.