About MolaMagic

Funny things happen on the pathway of life. I first arrived in Panama in 1949. At six years old everything was an adventure, from the kids that didn’t speak English to the ants that liked to march in a straight-line carrying scraps of leaves. I couldn’t wait to turn the next corner just to see what was there.

One day my mother took me to see a friend. I didn’t know it but it was a life changing event for me. Of course, at my age I had to wait for a little more life to know what the change was.

 This woman had a wall of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. They were molas. The designs and colors just leapt out at me and when you are six monkeys, mountain lions and sharks can be really exciting. Particularly when they come in all colors and weird shapes.

I left Panama in 1956 but not for long. I returned as an army officer in 1970 and again in 1980 as a securities broker. But the major return was in 1990 right after Noreiga retired to Florida. And it was then I returned to a love affair with molas that continues today. Let me share them with you.