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Framed Haitian Art Oil Painting Modern - Haiti -3.95639

Framed Haitian Art Oil Painting Modern - Haiti -3.95639

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This painting measures 7.5" x 10.5". It is painted on artist canvas or artist cloth. This particular painting is stretched on a frame. It is only held down by thumbtacks so you can stretch it more or redo it. Or place a nail in the wall and hang it...your call.

Back in the early 1990's you m8t remember the flood of Haitians that made their way to Florida. Well, at the same time there was a flood of Haitians making their way to Panama. I got involved because I had a Haitian friend named Lucas. When the Haitians arrived in Panama Lucas got wind of it and met up with them. Stangely they all brought art items as their currency. Lucas would call me and off to trade I would go. Leather masks, wood items and paintings were the order of the day. All those art pieces are long gone but the Haitians aren't. Enough of them stayed in Panama to give Haitian art a presence there. Some are artists and produce in Panama but it didn't take them long to figure out importing Haitian art and selling it in the strong economy of Panama made sense. Was this painting painted in Haiti or Panama? Who knows...or cares. It is beautiful regardless.

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