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Vintage Balsa Wood Parrot Carving-South America 3.96554

Vintage Balsa Wood Parrot Carving-South America 3.96554

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Folks, this is an old wood carving of a Parrot. I bought it at an Estate Sale because it is right up my alley. I have been trading in cocobolo wood carvings for 30 plus years.

What I like best about balsa carvings is the weight. There is very little. So shipping is cheaper.

My bet is this rascal came from Ecuador or Peru. Both countries do a lot of balsa wood stuff. Today most of it is painted which adds to the uniqueness of this piece.

This fellow has been around for many moons because you just don't see these old carvings anymore. It is well done and fairly large. I see it in a house where the owners have a love of antiques. He'll fit right in.



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