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Barware Leather Covered Pint-Size Liquor Flask-Uruguay 21012110mm

Barware Leather Covered Pint-Size Liquor Flask-Uruguay 21012110mm

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This leather covered Flask (booze bottle) measures 8" x 6". And then there is the shoulder strap. The angle of the dangle is 20" which keeps the hooch close to your heart.

Folks, there can't be too many of these floating around. And I can't resist buying weird stuff. Check my Barware category on eBay, there are some neat items there. They add new meaning to Hoof & Mouth.

The artist who etched the leather did a fine job. He or she etched what I suspect is Uruguay's National Crest into the leather. The glass stopper is probably a recent addition and a cork should probably be substituted.

I'm hoping a homesick Uruguayan Expat sees it and longs for a taste of home.

Anyway, I see this collection in someone's personal bar. Or maybe in a public bar out West where cattle are a part of everybody's life.

Don't hesitate, I only have one.

The photos will tell you the rest of the story.



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