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Estate Sale Beaded Indian Necklace Jewelry W/ Seashell-20060213mm

Estate Sale Beaded Indian Necklace Jewelry W/ Seashell-20060213mm

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Folks, there is nothing I like better than a good Estate Sale. What makes it good is stuff I like and priced so that I can resell it. In this case Grandma left her Indian jewelry collection behind and the heirs decided to sell it. 

In this case it is something special. The heirs selling these two pieces told me Grandma had an affection for Indian Pottery and jewelry. I am keeping the pottery but these beaded beauties are better off with someone who knows what they are. The necklace I understand. The other beaded wonder is beyond me. But I bet someone will know and want it.

The triangle pendant measures 5" X 4" and hangs at 15". The flat beaded piece measures 11.5" X 7". I suspect it too is a breast plate or necklace. But the cord was cut. It can easily be replaced. I would splice a leather thong and off you go to the Pow Wow. 

Buyer gets both pieces. 


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