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Estate Sale Jewelry Necklace African Special-21020502mm

Estate Sale Jewelry Necklace African Special-21020502mm

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Folks, there is nothing I like better than a good Estate Sale. What makes it good is stuff I like and priced so that I can resell it. In this case Grandma left her jewelry collection behind and the heirs decided to share it with the neighborhood. 

What I look for are necklaces that I can modify and hang a Wounaan tagua pendant on. Those that don't qualify will show up as I bought them. That's the case here.

This gorgeous necklace is a combination of lovely stone-like beads and a soap stone Lion and Zebra.

There is no clasp, just slip the necklace over your head. Length 12".

Your own Mama wouldn't give you a deal like this. Think gift. 

Shipping is included within the USA. 

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