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Feather Earrings Jewelry-Panama 21010707mm

Feather Earrings Jewelry-Panama 21010707mm

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Folks, I was coming back to the Hotel in Panama when I came across a couple of Peruvian street vendors. They were husband and wife and had set up a makeshift vendor's table outside a bank. Curiosity got the best of me and then they did too. I couldn't resist their sob stories and willingness to deal.

Well, it didn't end there. Another vendor down the street saw their success with me and came running. He pleaded similar sob stories about a flood and a leaky roof. Yeah, he was successful.

This pair of earrings is another item he hornswaggled me into buying. So now I am trying to hornswaggle you into buying them. The difference is you might wear them. I got laughed out of church.

Oh, you are going to be Soooo COOL!



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