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Jewelry Super Coral Chips & Stone Necklace-Peru 20052826mm

Jewelry Super Coral Chips & Stone Necklace-Peru 20052826mm

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This coral chips and stone necklace measures 18" long with the angle of the dangle adjustable because of the clasp. Neat.

Folks, here's something special. Sometime ago I made friends with two street vendors in Panama. In this case a married couple from Peru. Nice couple. They sold jewelry, fancy shirts from the Andes and small smoking pipes. This is one of their necklaces.

What I like is the clasp. Whoever made it used an adjustable clasp so the necklace will be comfortable on different ladies.

I like to think the stone was panned out of the Amazon or chipped off a boulder high in the Andes. Hey, my job is to make your decision more exciting. Besides, what else am I going to do during this Lockdown?

Think Gifts.



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