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Jewelry Super Tagua Look-alike Stone Necklace-Peru 20052825mm

Jewelry Super Tagua Look-alike Stone Necklace-Peru 20052825mm

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This Tagua look-alike designed stone necklace measures 18" long with the angle of the dangle adjustable because of the clasp. Neat.

Folks, here's something really different. Sometime ago I made friends with two street vendors. In this case a married couple from Peru. Nice couple. They sold jewelry, fancy shirts from the Andes and small smoking pipes. This is one of their necklaces.

But what is different is the design. I have had many necklaces with this design but always made with tagua discs. Here we have stone or some other material. I can't tell. Some of the pieces have inclusions just like tagua. Someone did a really good job here.

The reason the design is so popular is because it lays flat. I photographed both sides for your viewing pleasure.

Think Gifts.



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