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Kuna Indian Hand-Stitch Mola Necktie-Panama 16031515L

Kuna Indian Hand-Stitch Mola Necktie-Panama 16031515L

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Folks, these neckties were a grand exercise. We took good condition neckties to Panama and asked a group of artists to see what they could do with them. We were stunned with the results. We immediately listed some and they sold well. I thought we had listed them all but I came across a box that had another 10 or 12 neckties in it. I'll be putting them up in the next few days. I try to do them four at a time because that makes them look great on the website.

This is a WIDE TIE. It is 4.5" at the bottom. My hat is off to the dude that wears it. But ladies, try it yourself. It is definitely a fashion statement.

Think gifts!!!



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