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Kuna Indian Hand-Stitch Mola Necktie-Panama 16090209L

Kuna Indian Hand-Stitch Mola Necktie-Panama 16090209L

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This mola Necktie is 3.5" wide at the tip.

I was delighted to find a handful of mola ties yesterday. It brought back some good memories. About 10 years ago I bought up a sackful of old but good condition neckties from my favorite charity. We took them to Panama and distributed them among some of my most trustworthy mola artists. Our only instruction was use your imagination. On the next trip to Panama we picked up these treasures. We have been selling them ever since and I thought we were just about out. Then these showed up. So it is time to list them and share tham with you.

I measure just the tip which is the widest point. That will give you an idea. Lengthwise they are normal neckties. This is the end of the inventory so get them while you can. They are all one-of-a--kind gems.



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