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Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched "25" Mola-Panama 20052214mm

Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched "25" Mola-Panama 20052214mm

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This Mola measures 17" x 11".

Folks, I am always asked for the significance of the "25". I thought it was for Christmas, 25 December. But I was straightened out 20 years ago and told the "25" is for 1925.

In that year the Kunas had a bit of a war with Panama because a bunch of mainlanders came out to the Kuna's San Blas Islands and tried to force changes in dress, dance, etc. They were thoroughly thrashed and run off. Panama's government passed laws that gave the Kunas certain autonomy and ever since molas like this celebrate the event.

I must point out it is a one-of-a-kind treasure.



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