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Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched Champion Golf Mola Necktie-Panama 20071016mm

Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched Champion Golf Mola Necktie-Panama 20071016mm

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This Kuna Mola Necktie is the normal length of a tie. And it is 4" wide. Silk too.

Folks, listen up. I only have one of these gems. And I live in Aiken SC, backed up against Augusta GA. Now you know what Augusta is famous for... the Masters!!!

So I am tempted to wait until the boys in Green show up. You see, this is a lucky tie and goes with a Green Sports coat. Rumor has it you don't get the Green jacket without this tie.

Do you think I am ready for the New York City marketing world yet?

Here's what we do. We take good to high quality neckties to Panama where we have a team of artists that decorate them. We pay them, you pay us and I retire. No, just kidding. We do it over and over as an adjunct to our mola business. Wear one to church. Everyone will want to talk to you.

Plus here's the good news. I am going to upload a bunch of neckties this week for your gift shopping.

Ladies, get brave. Wear one to your next interview. They won't forget you, GAROONTEED!!!



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