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Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched Mola Blouse-Panama 20050508mm

Kuna Indian Hand-Stitched Mola Blouse-Panama 20050508mm

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The molas on this blouse measure about 18" x 10". 

Folks, here's a mola blouse that is really special. I bought it along with a few others from the son of a missionary couple that served in the San Blas Islands 1950-1970. It's a golden oldie but the colors are still brilliant. There is a whole lot of stitching going on here and look at the design closely. Looks to me like a couple of angry bulldogs with a clown's face built it. Maybe it is time for my medicine. 

Unless you are a petite don't think you can wear it. Kuna women are really short and small. 

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