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Kuna Indian Machine-Stitch Vintage Mola-Panama 20091506L

Kuna Indian Machine-Stitch Vintage Mola-Panama 20091506L

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This mola measures 16" x 11".

Folks, we are talking DEAL here!!! There’s a good chance this gem is older than you. It is an old blouse mola that has been removed. It is machine-stitched which dates it. It is rumored that back in the sixties some well-intentioned Peace Corps volunteers introduced sewing machines to the Islands to help the ladies. Well, you know where that went with those of you that are hard-core fans of hand-stitching. The Kuna artists quickly went back to the old ways but a few of these Singer Molas are still around. However, they are becoming fewer and fewer, and you know what that means. Scarcity breeds desire that breeds higher prices. But relax, I’m not going to hold out for the big bucks. I’m too old. I’m going to let you wait around for the Mola rally. I’m going to spend my meager proceeds on another trip to Paradise where I can buy some more molamagic. So git to biddin’ so I can git to packin’!!!

While there are two photos this is one mola.

Every mola is a one-of-a-kind treasure.



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