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Large Wood Hand-Carved Wall Mask-Indonesia 20120302mm

Large Wood Hand-Carved Wall Mask-Indonesia 20120302mm

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Folks, here's a little something I picked up at an Estate Sale. It measures 20" tall and perhaps 5" wide. It has a string hook in the back so it is ready for the wall.

I have a bunch of these kind of treasures so look around in Traderbrock and Molamagic..   Search using the word mask. There ought to be a few in there that remind you of someone you knew long, long ago.

Here's something curious. First off there a couple of those tiny circular mirrors missing. No big deal. But the colored ones are picking up my red and blue clothing colors. I am thinking about getting nake and shooting them over but don't count on it. 

Click on the photos so you get all the views. 

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