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Medical Marijuana Pewter Pendant Jewelry-Panama 19050801mm

Medical Marijuana Pewter Pendant Jewelry-Panama 19050801mm

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Folks, this is something new for me. I have made an agreement with Panama Bay Jewelers to train the indigenous artists I have worked with for thirty years in the fine art of jewelry design and manufacture. While I have no interest in marijuana I have too many friends that have benefited from Medical Marijuana. No, they don't smoke it, they use CBD, a Balm and some kind of crystals. All of which is legal in the majority of states in the USA.

This design is a community effort. It combines the leaf with the medical caduceus.I have them strung on hemp twine for an extra touch. The necklace is fully adjustable and the leaf is hand painted. The pendant measures 1.5" x 1".

I don't have a lot of them so buy now to avoid the rush.



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