Panamanian Un Balboa Coin called a Martinelli - Panama 19020602mm

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Folks, what we have here is a two coin offer of Panamanian UN BALBOA coins. They are valued at $1 each. As you may know Panama uses the US dollar as a parallel currency to its Balboa. They are on par with each other. Panama does not print any paper currency so the US dollar is everywhere. Who wants to walk around jingling a pocket full of these beauties? 

So where does the Martinelli come from? Well, Ricardo Martinelli was President of Panama and authorized the minting of these UN BALBOA coins. So far so good, but then he got himself arrested for an assortment of alleged crimes.

The trial start date for former President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014) for the case of illegal wiretapping, announced on Monday is set for next March 12, generated controversy in Panama (La Prensa). And that's for starters. 

Well, the notoriety surrounding the ex-president caused the Panamanian people to name the coin after him. For example, "How much is a hamburger sir?" The response, "three Martinelli's with lettuce and tomato." Everyone smiles when a tourist calls the coin a Martinelli. 

Anyway, I'm selling two coins for $4.99 postage included. I have about 40 coins in all so my starting quantity is 20.

No complaints, I had to hold my pants up all the way home. 

Shipping is included within the USA.