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Uruguayan Horseshoe Hat/Coat Rack-Uruguay 21012607mm

Uruguayan Horseshoe Hat/Coat Rack-Uruguay 21012607mm

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Folks, here's another treasure I picked up in Uruguay. It was long ago that I found myself wondering around down that'a'way. I use to go to Brazil to buy unmounted semi-precious stones. I guess it was on one of those trips I wound up in Montevideo.

The hooks are pretty close together so I think you might not want to hang your Mexican sombrero here. It is better for baseball caps, umbrellas, and probably car keys.

I'm looking for a homesick Uruguayan Expat that is longing for a taste of home. Or maybe a formr Peace Corps volunteer that remembers the good old days.

It measures 10" long and 5" across. Most of the price is postage.

Don't delay because I probably won't get back to Uruguay.



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