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Vintage African Beads for Jewelry Design-21020806mm

Vintage African Beads for Jewelry Design-21020806mm

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Folks, what we have here is a little different. I met a woman who was just back from African. She had bought a box full of beads and things for making jewelry. That is what she did for a living but had some extras she wanted to off-load.

She told me these were very old. Maybe so, I have no way of knowing for sure. But one thing old around here is me. I work between naps. I fell asleep trying to count these little rascals.

There are 48 on the string. And look at the string ... some kind of woven cord. Real African.

I thought about breaking them up and selling smaller batches but then I'd spend all my time in the Post Office. Take them off my hands.

Check out 21020805mm. I got those beads from the same lady.

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