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Vintage Bedouin Silver Islamic Purse -Saudi Arabia 21010611mm

Vintage Bedouin Silver Islamic Purse -Saudi Arabia 21010611mm

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Folks, there is nothing like an Estate Sale. You never know what you will come away with.

I bought this Vintage Silver Islamic lined purse about ten years ago. The seller said a family member bought it in Saudi Arabia many years ago. The other day I found the small collection of Bedouin jewelry I bought and decided to list the pieces. This is the fourth. I also decided to test the metal with my rare earth magnet. The chain reacts slightly so I think it is silver plate. The purse is as steady as a rock so I concluded it is silver. But I am not sure. So you get a Bargain.

Now for the specifics. The purse measures 7.5" x 5.5". The persue weighs 11oz. The angle of the dangle is 22".

Research suggests these Bedouin silver purses can be quite expensive. But here you get a deal.

Buy now and avoid the rush.



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