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Vintage Salt Water Feather Fishing Lure 20053009mm

Vintage Salt Water Feather Fishing Lure 20053009mm

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Folks, what we have here is a 5" feathered salt water fishing lure. The condition suggests it is new.  It is in its original plastic cover. No leader or hook suggests in is new.   

I bought this gem along with a number of other lures at an Estate Sale.  They caught my eye because when I was a Kid in Panama my father would take me deep sea fishing with his friend Bob Napp. This lure is exactly what I remember we used to catch snapper and dorados. That was in the early 1950's. Comforting to know my memory is still there. 

Fishing the waters off Panama is a real treat for dedicated fishermen.  

The photos will tell the rest of the story.  

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