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Wounaan Embera Hand Woven Basket-Panama 20092320mm

Wounaan Embera Hand Woven Basket-Panama 20092320mm

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This basket measures 3" tall and has a 12" circumference.

During the pandemic we have been buying baskets, tagua and molas hand over fist to help our friends of thirty years. If you are a fan of these arts stay tuned because we are listing them in Molamagic and Traderbrock.

We want to thank those of you that read our appeal and bought our art in support of the artists.

Here's another gorgeous Wounaan Basket. Folks, look at the design. My neighbor, herself an artists tell me these basket weavers are mathematicians whether they know it or not. They have to be to maintain the design.

It is an extraordinary eye catcher and suited for everyone. One-of-a-kind, don't let it get away. (My light bill's due.)

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