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Wounaan Embera Indian Hand-Made Necklace-Panama 20052610mm

Wounaan Embera Indian Hand-Made Necklace-Panama 20052610mm

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This necklace measures 19" end to end. The angle of the dangle is 9.5".

Folks, the first time I saw one of these necklaces was when I was buying baskets from several Wounaan basket weavers. I complimented the young lady on the necklace and she asked if I wanted to buy it. We agreed on a price after listening to her story about the silver she used to make it. Her girlfriends were giggling through the whole process which is a sure sign someone is lying. I later heard these necklaces are made by pounding nickels into the shapes they want.

It is the simplicity that appeals to me. The other thing is they are hard to find. They are made for use, not sale. But I bought a small bag full in the 1990's and promptly forgot about them. In my recent move to South Carolina they turned up. So here's your chance. I have about a dozen or so and will list them all close to each other so you can check them out.

When they are gone, they are gone.



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