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Wounaan Embera Super Army Ant Tagua Carving-Panama 16090805M

Wounaan Embera Super Army Ant Tagua Carving-Panama 16090805M

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This carving is fully undercut and beautifully painted. Anyone familiar with Panama has seen the very large ant hills this rascals build and the trails they create as they forage for leaves and stuff. Believe me these rascals can bite. When I was a kid we called them Army ants, probably because the look like they are marching in a file. We called the leaves he is resting on Elephant Ears. I remember a movie where the ants were on the attack down in Brazil. I think the natives called them Marabunta...but that was a movie.

This is an old carving as well. Our son recently moved across town and since he does much of the shipping we moved the inventory. In the process we recognized that about 1000 carvings had dropped out of the Traderbrock system. So I am loading them back with some in Molamagic, Traderbrock's sister eBay store and the Traderbrock website.

The good news is our inventory value is higher than we thought. The bad news is I am 73 and may be packing for heaven before I get the job done. Why don't you just buy our whole business and let me retire?



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