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Wounaan Embera Vintage Woven Design Basket-Panama 19020110mm

Wounaan Embera Vintage Woven Design Basket-Panama 19020110mm

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This basket measures 6" tall and has a 22" circumference.

Here's another vintage basket that I bought on my recent trip to Panama. Look at the design work. These artists must be mathematicians. Think about it...they have to count the stitches to balance the design. Plus this basket has a lovely dimple in the center of the bottom. I seldom see this. The center of the bottom is where the basket began. It is larger than most of the baskets I listed today.

And by the way...if you are wondering what today is revealed in the inventory number. This basket was listed year 19, month Feb. 1st day of Feb. and 10th basket of the day. MM means Molamagic store. Yes, we have other stores. L means Traderbrock store. Go check it out too.

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