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Wounaan Embera Woven Gorgeous Spiral Basket-Panama 20112804m

Wounaan Embera Woven Gorgeous Spiral Basket-Panama 20112804m

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This basket measures 8" tall and has a 33" circumference.  The diameter is 10.5".

This gorgeous Wounaan Basket is new addition to our inventory. Those of you who have visited our sites know we are buying baskets, tagua and molas to beat the band. The purpose is to support the Wounaan, Embera and Kuna artists in Panama during this Pandemic. There are no tourists in Panama right now and that is who our artist friends depend on.

This is a gorgeous feathered design basket. Find a way to display it bottom up but displayed in any way shows its beauty. Look at the work in it.  The white chunga fiber is super clean.  Somebody is going to be proud of this basket for many years. 

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