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Wounaan Embera Woven Medallion Pendant-Panama 19100319mm

Wounaan Embera Woven Medallion Pendant-Panama 19100319mm

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This Wounaan Embera woven Medallion is on a long woven necklace. The necklace is woven into the medallion. These medallions are woven by the same artists that make the famous Panama baskets.

I don't see how you can shorten the necklace so think longggg... The necklace measures about 20" to the bottom of the medallion.

Folks, gems like this don't come along every day. I have a few so I will list them close to one another so you can make a selection. The rest are gorgeous flowers, turtles, butterflies, etc. Think gifts.

These medallion pendants measure about 2" to 3" in diameter.



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