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Wounaan Gorgeous Hand Woven Basket-Panama 20122001mm

Wounaan Gorgeous Hand Woven Basket-Panama 20122001mm

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This basket measures 10" tall and has a 40" circumference. 12.6" diameter.

This gorgeous Wounaan Basket is a recent purchase thanks to our customers. Those of you who read the notice on our sites responded and we have been buying as fast as we can to aid the Wounaan, Embera and Kuna during the Pandemic.

Look at the work in this basket. The zigzag design is incredible and time consuming. An artist neighbor of mine said these basket artists are mathematicians whether they know it or not.

Sadly I am not the photographer I would like to be. Trust me, the basket itself is in perfect focus.

Folks, this is a world class woven basket. It is for the serious collector.



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