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Wounaan iguana Lizard Tagua Nut Carving-Panama 20111713mm

Wounaan iguana Lizard Tagua Nut Carving-Panama 20111713mm

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The Wounaan tagua carvers are some of the best tagua carvers in the world. We have been buying and selling their tagua carvings for more than 25 years.

Here you have another vintage carving. I suspect I have had this insect carving for 25 years or more. When I came across this box of old carvings it was like finding some old friends.

Here's another carving that was dyed with a natural dye. Once dyed the artists polish the carving. Here is an example of a light cocobolo wood chip dye.

What is worth noting is that the artist dyes the whole carving and then chips away the dye on the base leaving a stark difference between the animal and the base.

We're talkin' one-of-a-kind here.

Check the close up. Oh, the baskets? Check them out too.



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