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Wounaan Indian Hand Woven Large B&W Basket -Panama 20121305mm

Wounaan Indian Hand Woven Large B&W Basket -Panama 20121305mm

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We just received a shipment of Wounaan woven baskets and masks. Just in time for Christmas presents. Look for them here in Molamagic as well as Traderbrock.

We thank those of you who responded to our appeal on the sites for assistance buying Panama Art to support the Wounaan, Embera and Kuna artists in Panama. There have been few tourists for 9 months so there have been no local sales.

This is a rare Black & White basket. First, it is large measuring 11" tall with a 43" circumference. The diameter is 13.6". The intricacy of the design and the size accounts for the price.

Just imagine the twists and turns the artist had to make to create this basket. She is weaving it with a needle and chunga fiber dyed with natural dyes. In this case Black which comes from a special soil or mud the artists use.

A neighbor of mine, an artist herself suggested these basket weavers are mathematicians whether they know it or not. Keeping track of the count as the design changes is quite a challenge. Imagine keeping track of the stair step design here.

Don't hesitate. I only have one.

Each basket is a one-of-a-kind treasure.



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