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Wounaan Tribe Parrot Woven Mask Chunga Fiber Panama

Wounaan Tribe Parrot Woven Mask Chunga Fiber Panama

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This is a great example of the Chunga fiber masks that the Wounaan artists weave. These weavers are the same artists that make the famous Panama baskets.   

This mask represents a Parrot. It is something special because it has a comb on the top of its head. Sort of like a rooster. One-of-a-kind for sure!

It measures about 8" beak to the back of the head and about 6" across the bottom.  

These masks are wonderful wall decorations or accent pieces. 

I have a number of masks so check them out in Molamagic. We are a division of Traderbrock who is moving to South Carolina so that store will be closed until the second week of 2018. Check it out when you can. It has about 10,000 items.

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