Woven Classic Panamanian Hat Penonome -Panama 19020113mm

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This classic Panamanian hat was probably woven in Penonome Panama.  It is the type of hat you see Panamanian dancers wearing. Mostl;y men but this will look great on a woman. They are well made and super durable. 

This one measures 7" x 7" across the opening. The circumference of the opening is right at 17". So what size is it? Well, I wear a 7 1/4 so I guess the size a little under a 7. It is for a small head but... hey, stick it on the wall as a decoration. Why get it all sticky with sweat or worst yet, rain. 

Now for you fashion model women...go for it. Just think how cool you will look in your tight jeans and nobody else is going to show up in one like it. And if you slick down that beautiful head of hair it just might fit nicely.

(I'm taking an AVIS marketing class. We try harder..)

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