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Zambian hand-crafted Beautiful Shoulder Bag-Zambia 19092312mm

Zambian hand-crafted Beautiful Shoulder Bag-Zambia 19092312mm

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This shoulder bag measures about 30" from the top of the straps to the bottom. The storage area is about 14" x 14". It is fully adjustable by moving the knot. Plus it is reversible and has two pockets for cell phones, etc.

Oh, you are going to be the pride of the boardwalk.

Folks, this is more than a shoulder bag. It is made by the women of the First Presbyterian Church of Aiken SC. The church has been supporting the Mwandi Mission Hospital Project in Zambia since the 1990's. Like most sub-Saharan countries in Africa, Mwandi suffers from a high incidence of HIV/AIDS.

Many infants are born to HIV-positive mothers. If these infants are HIV-negative at birth, they are placed on infant formula to prevent transfer of the HIV virus from the mother via breastfeeding.

The missionaries of the church bring the materials back from Zambia and the women sew the shoulder bags. The colorful materials are the same materials the Zambian women use to make their skirts. I remember the materials from the days when I worked in Zambia and I have always admired the colors.



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