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Wounaan Embera Dyed Frog Tagua Carving-Panama 15111221L

Wounaan Embera Dyed Frog Tagua Carving-Panama 15111221L

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Folks, the next 10 or so tagua carvings are oldie goldies. I suppose I have had them for 20-25 years. It is fun to go back and review where tagua carving came from in Panama. Sometimes there are neat techniques that the artists used back then that they have abondon today. Look closely at the photos.

This carving is an example of dipping the carving in dye. The dye was probably made by the artist's wife for her basket fiber. Then the artist shaved away the dye on the top of the nut leaving the base white. The frog is a nice brown color. Plus before he dyed the carving he added a series of tiny black dots that now show through. This carving is signed if initials constitute a signature. Some of these fellows can't really write.

Remember, these carvings are all from one nut.



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