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Dog Carved Necklace Pendant Panama

Dog Carved Necklace Pendant Panama

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Enhance your ensemble with a piece that speaks to the heart of animal affection and artisanal heritage with our Tagua Dog Carving Pendant. Lovingly hand-carved from the esteemed tagua nut, this pendant is a masterpiece of sustainable artistry that mirrors the impeccable beauty of the natural world.

Boasting a captivating depiction of a loyal canine companion, this pendant is imbued with lifelike detail, from the soulful gaze in the eyes to the richly textured coat. Each brush stroke and carved line is a testament to the artisan's dedication, bringing out the character and personality of the beloved breed.

The natural ivory hue of the tagua nut provides a pristine background, while the warm browns and soft whites of the dog's fur are rendered with eco-friendly pigments, making each piece as unique as the creature it represents.

Dangling from a robust black cord, accented by a classic silver chain, this pendant is more than an accessory—it is a symbol of your love for animals and a nod to the importance of preserving traditional crafting techniques.

Perfect for dog enthusiasts, eco-conscious collectors, or anyone with an eye for distinctive art, this Tagua Dog Carving Pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a small act of support for sustainable practices and the rich tapestry of Latin American craftsmanship.

Incorporate this endearing Tagua Dog Carving Pendant into your jewelry collection and carry with you a constant reminder of the unspoken bond between humans and their four-legged friends, all while honoring the environment and cultural artistry.

• Traditional carving techniques

• Average size of 2" Height x 2" Width   

• Rainforest sourced materials
•  SKU: 23121020



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