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Etched Tagua Slice Macaw Parrot Carved Necklace Pendant Panama

Etched Tagua Slice Macaw Parrot Carved Necklace Pendant Panama

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The Etched and Painted Tagua Slice Macaw Parrot Carved Necklace Pendant from Panama is a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that captures the essence of nature's beauty and the artistry of skilled craftsmen. Handcrafted by talented artisans in Panama, this pendant is a true testament to their dedication to preserving traditional techniques and showcasing the natural wonders of their region.

At the heart of this exquisite pendant is a meticulously carved macaw parrot design, created from a slice of tagua nut. Tagua nuts, often referred to as "vegetable ivory," are the seeds of certain palm trees found in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. They are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to animal ivory, making this pendant an ethical choice for conscious consumers.

The macaw parrot design is etched with intricate details that capture the vibrant plumage and distinctive features of these magnificent birds. Each pendant is a one-of-a-kind piece, as the natural variations in tagua nut slices ensure that no two carvings are exactly alike.

The pendant is suspended from a sturdy and adjustable cord or chain, allowing you to wear it at your preferred length. Its versatile size and timeless design make it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you want to make a bold fashion statement or simply celebrate the beauty of nature, this pendant is a captivating accessory that will surely draw compliments and admiration.

Wearing the Etched Tagua Slice Macaw Parrot Carved Necklace Pendant from Panama not only adds a touch of elegance to your attire but also supports the skilled artisans and sustainable practices of Panama's craft industry. It serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and biodiversity of the region while allowing you to express your individual style and appreciation for natural artistry. This pendant is more than just jewelry; it's a work of art that tells a story of craftsmanship, conservation, and the beauty of the natural world.

This petal is 1" x 1". 

 • Traditional carving techniques
• Average size of 2" Height x 2" Width   
• Rainforest sourced materials
•  SKU: 23121044



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