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Stingray On Tagua Petal Carving Rainforest Panama

Stingray On Tagua Petal Carving Rainforest Panama

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Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Panama's lush rainforests with our Stingray On Tagua Petal Carving. This exquisite piece of art beautifully combines the grace of the stingray with the natural beauty of Tagua nut carving, showcasing the harmonious relationship between nature and craftsmanship.

Hand-carved from Tagua nuts, often referred to as "vegetable ivory," this carving is a symbol of both artistry and sustainability. Tagua nuts offer an eco-friendly alternative to ivory, making this piece a choice that reflects your commitment to preserving the environment.

The Stingray On Tagua Petal Carving captures the elusive elegance of the stingray as it gracefully glides across delicate petals. The intricate detailing and meticulous craftsmanship bring this underwater marvel to life, creating a mesmerizing and lifelike representation.

Whether displayed as a striking decor piece or cherished as a unique accessory, this carving is a timeless homage to Panama's artistic heritage and its awe-inspiring natural wonders. Each carving is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, ensuring that you own a piece of art as unique as the rainforest itself.

By acquiring it, you not only celebrate the artistic craftsmanship of Panama but also contribute to the conservation of its precious rainforests and the protection of its diverse marine life. Embrace the fusion of art, nature, and sustainability with this Stingray On Tagua Petal Carving from Rainforest Panama.


• Traditional carving techniques
• Average size of 2" Height x 2" Width   
• Rainforest sourced materials
•  SKU: 23120960



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