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Wounaan Embera Turtle Tagua Carving-Panama 16072924M

Wounaan Embera Turtle Tagua Carving-Panama 16072924M

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Here's a turtle tagua carving that deserves an explanation. At first glance I though it was another one of those turtle existing the egg. But this is a sea turtle navigating the ocean surf. You can see his rear flippers coming out of the water plus the water is etched to appear as water. Neat jog!

This is an old carving as well. Our son recently moved across town and since he does much of the shipping we moved the inventory. In the process we recognized that about 1000 carvings had dropped out of the Traderbrock system. So I am loading them back with some in Molamagic, Traderbrock's sister eBay store and the Traderbrock website.

The good news is our inventory value is higher than we thought. The bad news is I am 73 and may be packing for heaven before I get the job done. Why don't you just buy our whole business and let me retire?



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