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Wounaan Embera White Stingray Tagua Carving -Panama 16070505L

Wounaan Embera White Stingray Tagua Carving -Panama 16070505L

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This is a natural or white Stingray tagua carving from the rainforest of Panama. The artist is Luis Membache. The piece is signed.

In fact, this is a fairly old carving. Our son John who does the shipping bought a new house. In the move we identified perhaps a thousand tagua carvings that were listed years ago but somewhere along the way became unlisted. The good news is our inventory value shoots up. The bad news is most of them would have probably sold long ago. Stay tuned because I am shooting the photos over and putting them back up in the website and on eBay. I'm 73 so someone else might have to finish it. Why don't you buy the whole business and let me retire?



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