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Wounaan Indian Hand Carved Frog Tagua Pendant-Panama 21050413L

Wounaan Indian Hand Carved Frog Tagua Pendant-Panama 21050413L

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This pendant measures 1.5" x 2".

Folks, here’s something a little different. This is a natural, or white carving. It has a couple of natural inclusions too. These are colored line areas that develop as the nut begins to decay.

Relax, once the nut is cut and carved the decaying process ends. Your collection is safe. So back to the pendant.

If you are into natural, here you go. But if you want to have some fun go buy Dr. Martin fine inks at Hobby lobby or online and paint this piece to suit yourself. In the old days, and at my age that can be far, far back, I used to do this to relax. It is fun. And when you are done you will have a pendant of your own making. But I would encourage you to follow a photo of a real frog or you will be stumped when your friends ask you what kind of frog you are wearing.

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Every tagua carving is a one-of-a-kind treasure.



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