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Wounaan Indian Vintage White Owl Tagua Carving-Panama 21042820L

Wounaan Indian Vintage White Owl Tagua Carving-Panama 21042820L

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Here is a tagua carving that has been in my inventory for about 25 years. The other day I opened a box of old carvings that I had forgotten about. That happens often around this place. You see, I look at my inventory as a 401-K. Once in awhile I make a withdrawal and since I am well pass 59 1/2 years-old there is no penalty. So here’s a vintage white owl tagua carving that is just waiting for the right person to buy it. If you are into worry stones this is a great substitute. Break up the monotony of worry... rub a tagua carving. Brings good luck too.

Okay, if you are not buying that line try drilling a small hole in the center of the head. Then install a small jeweler’s eyehook and you are ready to build your necklace masterpiece. If it doesn’t sell start rubbing again.

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Every tagua carving is a one-of-a-kind treasure.



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