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Wounaan Turtle Tagua Pendant Carving-Panama 21042711L

Wounaan Turtle Tagua Pendant Carving-Panama 21042711L

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This carving was done by Levi Chuecarama. He has been a fine tagua carver for many years. I guess I have been buying his carvings for nearly 25 years.

In the early days Levi was studying to be a Medical Technician. So I would buy his carvings so he could meet his expenses. But in those days these turtle pendants were all he’d do. Yes, he became an expert but I wound up with bags full. I hope I live long enough to sell them all.

He graduated and works in a lab now but every now and then when he hears I’m in Panama he’ll come say hi and sell me some of his latest creations.

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Every tagua carving is a one-of-a-kind treasure.



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